Our Own Pop Up Wedding

I think it may be a little obvious that I like the vintage & rustic style :) I had started looking into rustic venues in Michigan and found they were all pretty expensive. When my now wife and i started making out our guest list, it just kept going and going...we got to 300 people and the cost to host that many was through the roof if I wanted it beautifully decorated, which, of course I did! We tried many times cutting down the guest list, but felt we would hurt a lot of feelings by doing so and ultimately decided there was no way to have a wedding with under 200 people. Personally, I had always wanted a small wedding because I don’t like the focus on me and being in front of a bunch of people gives me anxiety, but she has a big family and felt she couldn’t leave anyone out.

We booked a barn venue and started planning out the decor, the catering, the photographer, etc. When the cost got up to $10,000 I freaked. There were so many other things we could be spending that money on...we had just bought a house, we had a one and three year old, and wouldn’t be able to afford a honeymoon after forking out all that money. I started to dread the wedding and was bitter about it. Jene’ didn’t want to spend all that money either, but didn’t see another way. We called it all off...cancelled vendors, lost a few deposits, and were super bummed out for a while.

 I started thinking about a courthouse wedding but really wanted to incorporate beautifully styled decorations which the courthouse did not allow for. We finally decided on having a DIY wedding in the backyard of our new house with just our immediate family. I got our County Clerk to come to our house and officiate instead of us coming there. It cost $25!


I love coral and teal. I made the arch out of old doors we took out of our house and went to different stores to round up teal, coral, pink, & white silk flowers for our bouquets/accent floral. Previous to this, I didn’t like silk flowers. I thought they all looked fake. Then I found some that looked so real, I couldn’t tell the difference...come to find out, if you go places besides the dollar store, they really can look real ;)

I decorated the aisle with simple hanging mason jars filled with flowers and some rose petals, and made my own centerpieces.



The most expensive part of our backyard wedding was the photographer, but we wouldn’t change it for anything! Getting married in front of our 17 closest family members, at our home, with decor by myself-I am so happy to have professional photo memories to look back on forever!



Our home. This is the 1st home we bought together so it has sentimental value. Our deck and yard is beautiful in the Spring which made it fun to decorate. We hung globe string lights over our deck and it was so pretty!

Cake Table

The 1st piece of furniture I received for my 1st house was a rustic 3-drawer hutch my mom bought for my housewarming gift. It has shades of teal, browns, greys, and whites and is my all time favorite piece I own. I used this as our cake table and it made for gorgeous photos.

Our Wedding.jpg

We had a short and sweet ceremony, photo session, had some snacks, cut our cake, and were sent off by a big cheers from everyone! If you ask either Jene’ or I, we wouldn’t change our backyard Pop Up Wedding for anything. We were able to stay under $3,000 and didn’t have the stresses of planning the big wedding we had started!


Shortly after this, I started Shades of Teal and get to share my rental collection and love of decorating with other people. Now, we offer All-Inclusive Pop Up Weddings for couples like us who are stressed out thinking about a large wedding, the costs, the planning, etc. We take care of all the vendors and styling! You just show up with up to 20 of your closest loved ones and your marriage license and GET MARRIED!

Email us with questions or to book shadesoftealdesign@gmail.com