Shortly after deciding to be a stay at home mom, I started to feel like I was losing my identity. I needed something for myself, not just the kids. I started making things out of wood, refinishing furniture, building things; all things I’ve always loved but never had the time to do. I came across some of the things I had been making on a specialty wedding rental company’s Instagram. They were so cool! There were old doors used as backdrops, barrel tables, spool tables, and they all looked gorgeous.

I started researching these kinds of companies in my area and only found a couple in Michigan. I loved making pretty things, but hated seeing them go when they sold. This was the perfect gig, I thought. I can rent my things out but still keep them and be able to look at them. I’ve always wanted to do something with decorating and also booking people. I loved working at the travel agency booking trips for people. I loved managing bookings for a vacation rental company. Wedding rentals would be perfect!

When trying to come up with a name for this new business, I knew I wanted something to do with things vintage and rustic but it seemed like all the good names were already taken. My daughter and I were out in my workshop one day and I asked her what she thought it should be. She said, “mom, you love all different colors of teal.” That inspired me...she was so right! Shades of Teal it is. I was so excited to feel like I had a purpose again, doing something that I love.